Over the past three years, the automotive industry has witnessed an exceptional period of pent-up demand and an abundance of 'low-hanging fruit' sales opportunities. However, as the market dynamics evolve, it is crucial for salespeople to adapt and master the fundamentals once again. 
We offer four comprehensive open-courses a year.
What's it all about?
Let's face it. Over the last three years, In the post-covid world selling cars has been relatively easy due to abundant sales opportunities. However, it's crucial that your salespeople go back to the basics and relearn the fundamentals of sales to ensure continued success in a changing market landscape. Envision your team confidently prospecting and generating a steady stream of high-quality leads. See your sales professionals expertly overcoming objections and effortlessly sealing deals, leaving a lasting impression on clients. Imagine the satisfaction of building long-lasting customer relationships that result in repeat business and loyal advocates of your brand.
2 days
Picture the thrill of empowering your dealership's sales team with the basics. The pillars of sales are too often forgotten. But not only that. With advanced negotiation techniques, allowing them to skillfully navigate win-win agreements that maximize earnings. Visualize the excitement of leveraging upselling strategies to unlock additional revenue and propel your dealership's sales success to new heights.
We can only run 4 courses a year...

What does it cover?

  • Sales Approach and the Importance of Attitude
  • Meeting and Greeting
  • ​GAP Selling and Qualification
  • ​Objection Handling at the Meet and Greet Stage
  • ​Understanding Customer Behaviours and Emotions
  • ​Behavioural Analysis
  • ​Four Fundamentals of Buying
  • ​Part Exchange Qualification
  • ​Static Presentation/5-Point Walk around
  • ​The Importance of a Demonstration Drive
  • ​Trial Close
  • ​Presenting the Deal
  • ​Closing Techniques
  • ​Objection Handling
Hear The Word On The Street
Very informative course, every day should be a school day, I have always believed that.
Adrian Lenc
Jaguar Land Rover
The course content Symco delivers is fantastic, they aren’t reinventing the wheel, but Symco succeed where other trainers may fail, by getting even the most stubborn and closed minded of sales professionals to open up and scrutinise their own processes, and enjoy themselves while doing it. My course was delivered by Andrew who was engaging and built a fantastic rapport with the group very quickly. I’d recommend spending some time with Symco if you are new to the industry, or a weathered veteran
Joshua Corbett 
The course was very helpful. Many of the tips I use on a daily basis while in work. The course gave me a better understanding of how a customer thinks during a buying process. I would highly recommend the course to anyone starting in the motor sales trade.
Adam Shelley
KIA Motors
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